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Present and future

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What are some projects you’re currently working on?

I’m helping a couple of clients with branding and websites for their new businesses. They’re all in different stages of the projects which makes it kind of fun to have different pieces of the puzzle to work on throughout the day. Some days I start off working on web development and then switch to more of the branding/graphic design side in the afternoon, other days I concentrate solely on the same area of each project.

I’m also helping a few clients on “random” pieces of their project – things that come up in their process of building their new business that are more time sensitive than the larger website development/branding pieces. For example, I just designed a word cloud the other day for a client to include in their speech presentation. So, it’s not always run-of-the-mill web and graphic design projects – I love working on the smaller project pieces as well.

What are some projects you’d like to work on? Any “dream” projects?

I’d love to work on a few non-profit projects sometime in the near future. Ever since I adopted my dog, Potter – you may know his as the Chief Creative Genius here at catballoon designs! – I’ve seen how amazing animal rescue groups can be and how much help they need getting their organization and their wonderful, adoptable animals out in the public eye. If I could help just one dog or cat get adopted, I’d consider a project a huge success.

I’d also love to help create and design a fun/innovative/helpful/etc. app – I did a lot of this during my masters program so it would be fun to do it for something actually being pushed into the app world.

Along with the app thing, there are some other projects I worked on at school that I’d like to pick up again and see into creation. Now that I’ve had enough time away from them and have learned new things, I think it would be fun to change up some of those projects to incorporate the new ideas and practices.

Basically, I like any kind of project – big or small – so I’m usually pretty game for just about anything!!

I want to thank you all for following along this week while I “formally” introduced you to myself and my business! I’ve really enjoyed exploring these different topics and sharing my thoughts with you. I hope you’ve learned something about me or my business and if I’ve left any stone unturned that you’re curious about, send me an email or connect with me on Facebook and Instagram! I love talking about this kind of stuff so any conversation is good conversation.

Thanks again for all of your interest and support, it means a lot!