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For homeowners, there isn’t much that’s more exhausting or time-consuming than the upkeep of your home. From lengthy to-do lists that drag at your mental energy to the dysfunctional kitchen sink disposal you had the pleasure of discovering this morning, home maintenance is just a fact of life. But, what if you had a service that created home maintenance checklists tailored specifically to your home? And that provided monthly or as-needed home maintenance services – using your home’s custom checklist – so that you no longer had to carry around that annoying, mental to-do list? Well, it would be awesome!

This is where HandyCheck comes into play – the home maintenance company that is your go-to when it comes to keeping your house in tip-top condition. I recently had the pleasure of working with the startup company on their branding. They came to me in need of logo design, web design & build, and business stationery & materials. Check out the final result of our work together!

HandyCheck Logo Design

Logo design

HandyCheck Custom Website Design and Build

HandyCheck’s custom website design & build. Click here to see it live!

The HandyCheck website is completely responsive so it looks great on big and small screens and maintains clean, proper functionality.




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