Flaunt your pineapple-ness!

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Fun fact of the day:

“Pineapple” in a majority of languages is actually “ananas”.



So, basically, a pineapple is called “ananas” in every language except for the English language in which it is called a pineapple. Now, how someone came to the conclusion that an ananas – almost universally recognizable between languages – should be called a pineapple in the English language is beyond me.

But, hey! To each their own, right?

In honor of the English language flaunting it’s uniqueness with pride and confidence, I decided to make a fun wallpaper encouraging everyone to embrace their unique, possibly weird, but definitely wonderful personalities. Because, honestly, where’s the fun in being a plain, ol’ ananas when you can be a badass PINEAPPLE!?





Enjoy flaunting your amazing, cool, super fun self with these wallpapers! Happy Monday!

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