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Austin Design House project

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite projects to date, the Austin Design House website. After months of hard work by everyone involved, the ADH team’s website is live and they are in business!

This project has been so fun because it has involved so many different moving pieces, making it a challenging and wonderful learning experience. ADH had unique needs for their online boutique – check out their awesome client program! – so it was a challenge to develop a website that was robust enough to tackle all of the little (but majorly important) details while also operating as an eCommerce store.

Austin Design House mobile view

I love nothing more than a good challenge, though, which is why this project has earned its spot in my “favorite projects to date” category – not to mention the ADH girls are AWESOME and so much fun to work with. And I suppose it helps when you’re building an online boutique for beautiful home decor and you get to drool over all of the beautiful pillows and fabrics and daydream about the amazing wallpaper you’re going to use in your next house and… I digress.

Check out Austin Design House and treat yourself to some wonderful home decor!