Monthly Maintenance Program

It’s okay if you’re high maintenance because I like maintaining you.Chandler Bing

Catballoon’s Monthly Maintenance Program offers a multitude of things, none more important, though, than the peace of mind you get knowing your website is taken care of 24/7. When you’re a business owner your time should be spent taking care of your business, not worrying that your website might crash or become compromised. This is where the Catballoon Monthly Maintenance Program can help you win back some time that you can spend on your business, not your website.

What the Program offers:

Similar to WordPress updates, theme & plugin updates are also important to the functionality of your website. Staying on top of these updates while also ensuring the new versions don’t negatively affect the appearance or functionality of your website is key to keeping a healthy, working website.
WordPress releases updates periodically that contain new features and/or bug fixes. The software updates are critically important to the functionality of your website so it’s wise to stay on top of these updates and make sure they run smoothly with your website.
Running regular backups of your website and storing them in a safe (offsite) area is your only defense against website disasters. If disaster strikes, you can rest assured knowing we have current and full backups of your website and are only a few clicks away from restoring your website and getting you back up and running.
Your website is built to be fully operational and running smoothly at all times. If there’s ever a hiccup, though, it can be quickly diagnosed and fixed thanks to uptime monitoring.
Breathe easily knowing your website is being monitored and kept free of all malware and other harmful viruses.
Whether you need to add pictures to your website or want to change your color scheme, this one hour of content management assistance has got you covered.
A lot can happen in a month when you’re a website! Thankfully, a monthly maintenance report will be provided so that you stay in the loop about your website’s performance and health.
Ready to let someone else do the worrying?