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High Maintenance? Don’t worry, I like maintaining you.

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In Friends, Phoebe tells Monica that she’s high-maintenance which, of course, greatly irritates Monica. To prove she isn’t really high-maintenance, Monica schools Chandler in defending her *obvious* low-maintenance manner which goes poorly because… well because it’s such an obvious lie! But, Chandler reassures Monica that it’s okay that she’s high-maintenance because he “likes maintaining” her. Cue the bashful, heart-eyes face!! ? ? ?

This scene really speaks to me because 1) it’s Friends and every scene speaks to me and 2) I’m 85% Monica (15% Phoebe) so I understand where she is coming from because – hello! my name is Catherine and I, too, am high maintenance.

So, if you identify as a high-maintenance individual (or just a normal-maintenance individual, I don’t discriminate) and you’re looking for a web and graphic designer then look no further! Why? Because I like maintaining you. So much so that I offer a Monthly Maintenance Package (MMP) to all of my clients with websites!

My MMP keeps your website up and running, healthy, secure, up-to-date and backed-up 24/7. Not to mention the free hour of content management assistance also included the package (my clients’ favorite perk)! And, at the end of every month you get a full blown report detailing everything you didn’t even know that you needed to know about your website. Wait, did that make sense…? Anyway, just keep being the beautiful, high-maintenance person that you are and let a fellow high-maintenancer take care of you and website!

Oh and one last thing – my MMP is not limited to clients’ whose websites I design and build. If you have a website then congratulations – you qualify!

Want to know more about my Monthly Maintenance Package? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

– Catherine