Can you tell I like color?

Color’s my favorite. *heavy breathing*

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Can you tell I like color?

Hello, hello!

Today I answer two fun questions and reveal to you my downfall (yes, it’s color if you couldn’t already tell).

What inspires you?
Extreme color feels
Color!!! I love anything and everything colorful. Color is my favorite. I sometimes have to be on guard when I start throwing colors around because it’s very possible I’ll get carried away and overdo it a bit. I suppose “everything in moderation” applies to color usage, too… even though it crushes my soul a little bit to admit it.

I’m also quite a fan of quotes. Sometimes all it takes is a good quote to get my creative juices flowing. I think it’s in my DNA because growing up my dad had a magnetic wall in his study that was covered in magnets with quotes handwritten on them. I didn’t notice we had this in common until someone saw my refrigerator covered in quote magnets and connected the two. Quote magnets for the win!!

What are some skills you wish you had?

  • Hand lettering
  • I think hand lettering can be super cool and a nice touch to certain areas of branding – it can give things a more personal feel.
  • Draw – like with my hands
  • I can “draw” when it comes to using a graphics program like Illustrator but sometimes I wish I was one of those habitual doodlers who always carries around a sketch pad and doodles anything and everything that comes to mind. I have a pretty active imagination so I like to think that if I could quickly sketch the weird things that pop into my mind I’d be able to create a pretty cool imaginary world.

See you back here tomorrow which is… FRIDAY! Congrats everyone, we’ve almost made it to the weekend!